My name is Kriti, I am CEO of WTM Investment, an investment planning and management company founded and run by me.

I am telling you about my profession for a purpose; knowing this you can imagine how close is today’s topic to my heart. Its not just my profession, my business, it’s my passion and mission. I want all women to take responsibility of their own and their family’s finance, get involved and participate in planning, decision making and ensuring its in line with aspiration and needs of the family.

Its not just cool, to understand finance and investment but necessary. And I want to tell you as friend, its not a rocket science, its simple, logical and straightforward. So if its so simple, you need to know how to begin.

First things first, you need to start your journey today, now any day or month delay is the money lost, I am sure you would have heard about the modern wonder of the world, the impact of compounding and hence any time lost is the money lost.
Dealing with my own journeys and helping several of my clients in their financial journey, I have learnt a few valuable lessons,

Time is now – no doubts about that, however small is the first step it does not matter but it has to start now.

Believe in yourself and take control – all of you would appreciate, we women in all our rolls as daughter, wife or mother or whatever, we do a very good job of managing family budget and expenses, we all know very well how to get most out of every penny, how to plan for contingencies etc, and investment is no different. Its all about best return with lower risk. So have confidence that you are cut out to manage and take charge of money matters, and everything that has been told thus far, that its complex, you may not be able to do it etc. etc is just to keep you away from it. So the time is now, get up, take control and have confidence.

Seek help – its all out today being information age, there is more information available about anything than required, if you are confused about anything look out for professional help, there are many like me how are out there just to help and for me it’s a mission.

Tailor it to your needs – “Different strokes for different folks”. What works for one may not work for you. Financial decisions have to be made as per one’s situation, earnings and expenses (both inflows and outflows), needs/goals, priorities, risk appetite and age. In one simple word, ‘financial risk profile’. Additionally, your and family’s current assets and liabilities need to be included into the financial plan for it to be relevant and appropriate for the user. Cut-paste does not work and generalisations can often be erroneous in their outcome.

Keep it simple – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. In today’s complicated times, simplicity goes hand in hand with execution. One’s conviction on an action goes up if one can imbibe its essence.
MFS (Mutual Funds) are a very versatile tool to achieve that. They are professionally run, are transparent in terms of cost, performance and its portfolio. Are available for transactions online, are largely liquid and can offer flavour of various asset classes, namely, equity, debt, real estate.

While embarking on your journey, some things need to be addressed first and on top priority:

Emergency Fund
Life insurance
Medical insurance
Have a Will in place

Your monthly expenses should be guided by the “end in mind”. Have a financial plan for all your life financial goals, house, education, marriage, retirement and whatever else is important for you and your family.

And to end, seek help if you need it because well begin is half done.